Hello, Welcome to Wide69.com

This site is all about my Car project and other misc projects.

This car started out as a 69 VW baja , engine gave up so I put the only other engine i had laying around in it

which happened to be a 350 chevy V8 connected to a Cadillac ElDorado transaxle, but the axles were to long , so I

widened the car 12 inches to fit the stock axles back in it, I soon found out that those axles would not hold up to

extra HP ....I ran it that way for a couple years till I ran across a 500 cid cadillac motor that matched the

transaxle I had in the car already , now that I am working in a machine shop I totally rebuilt the engine bored

.030 over bigger cam etc. made axle adapter plates and put datsun 240z axle shafts in. so far no problems with


Bugorama 2011 .... won 1st place volksrod award

Now as far as the body mods Beetle body widened 12 inches down the middle plus added 4 inches to the fender

width, chopped the top 5 inches, added 4 inches to the bottom of the body, 6 inches to the rear apron , chassis

is still all VW pan, beam front end widened 13 inches, the front clip is from a 72 super beetle to give it a fatter look

added rear disc brakes so I could stop .

Eureka car show 2012 ... won most awesome custom award